A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to the Crown Lands and Property Agency (CLPA) website.

CLPA provides a single point of service for Manitobans involved in land transactions with the provincial government, including:

  • Crown land leases, licenses and permits for farming, cottages and other uses
  • Sales of Crown land to existing lease and permit holders by application, and to the general public by offer or tender
  • Acquisition of land for infrastructure and other public purposes by agreement or expropriation

CLPA is an agency within Manitoba Infrastructure, and represents all Manitoba government departments in land transactions with the public, but does not have authority over land use, resource management issues or pricing policies. CLPA works with and under the instructions of the departments responsible for managing Manitoba’s land resources, particularly Manitoba Sustainable Development, and Manitoba Agriculture.

This website is designed to help you find the information, contacts and forms you need for any particular type of land transaction. We invite you to browse through it and contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with a specific service.

Grace Delong
Chief Operating Officer
Crown Lands and Property Agency